31 Aug, 2021

The benefits of townhouses

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When you think of city centre living, what comes to mind is luxury apartments in tall towers which put residents right at the heart of everything. This type of property has become ubiquitous across the world and is now the standard city centre accommodation – and it is easy to see why.

In a time when city centre populations are higher than ever, it makes sense to build upwards and cater for as many people as possible on a limited footprint. If you can do that while providing premium luxury accommodation and outstanding amenities, then all the better.

However, an apartment isn’t suitable for everyone, and it might even put people off city centre life if there are no alternatives. For example, a young family may need more bedrooms than an apartment allows, or the extra space could be used as a home office in the new age of hybrid working.

For those who want all the benefits of city centre life but aren’t suited to apartment living, the answer could be to purchase a new townhouse – a type of city centre home that is becoming increasingly popular due to its many benefits.

As mentioned previously, a townhouse will offer more space over its two, three or even four storeys. This flexibility allows for a whole range of lifestyle choices that an apartment cannot cater for, and in turn encourages longer tenancies as people are less likely to grow out of the space.

A townhouse also offers an enhanced sense of privacy when compared to an apartment in a large block. Separate entrances and private roof terraces offer a more secluded life even in a city centre. Internally, different floors and more dispersed living areas mean that you do not have to live on top of each other all the time.

New townhouses also offer benefits over existing townhouses that have, in many cases, been in existence for decades. Modern construction techniques provide a higher quality of final build and a greater level of sustainability. Purchasing a new-build city centre townhouse means that your property will not require retrofitting to meet environmental standards – something that is often costly and time consuming.

The benefits of purchasing a townhouse are clear, and the relative rarity of this property type in city centres means that demand is extremely high among both owner-occupiers and renters. One of our recent townhouse developments – the King Street Collection – sold out in record time, and has also been renting strongly following completion.

Nadia Aghtarafi, Lettings Manager at Alliance City Living, said: “The demand from renters for the townhouses at the King Street Collection was high even before they completed. The extra space available in addition to the stunning private roof terraces differentiated these properties from everything else on the market and provided something novel and desirable right in the middle of Manchester city centre.”

Now, we are pleased to announce another city centre townhouse development – Richmond St. Townhouses. These townhouses provide a refined take on luxury city centre living, combining a timeless style with thoroughly modern sensibilities. Each of these premium four-storey townhouses includes a stunning private roof terrace and provides the space, comfort and elegance you need to live without compromising any of the benefits of life in Manchester city centre.

Richmond St. Townhouses are located on Richmond Street next to Manchester’s famous Canal Street. This is a premier location and ensures that you will be just minutes from everything that the city has to offer.

Key areas including the Northern Quarter, the Arndale Shopping Centre, Manchester Art Gallery, HOME at First Street, Chinatown, Deansgate, Castlefield, Spinningfields and more are all easily walkable, as are the nearby Vimto Park and Sackville Gardens.

Ronald Garrett, Managing Director of Alliance Investments, said: “City centre townhouses like those at Richmond Street represent a huge opportunity for owner-occupiers and investors alike. As well as being stunning properties in their own right, they are sure to see substantial capital appreciation in the coming years due to the changing nature of what people need and the rarity of homes like this in the market.”

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