19 Nov, 2018

Cracking the enigma code of Manchester city living

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City living often comes with a compromise – particularly when it comes to floor plans. Micro-apartments tend to make up a fair portion of what’s available in busy or suburban areas alike.

In Manchester, our latest development – Enigma – is poised to give renters or owners 20% more space, on average, than they’re used to.

The mean size of a Mancunian apartment is 412 sq. ft. for a one-bed residence. By contrast, Enigma’s residences start at 550 sq. ft., which is the same size as a two-bed apartment elsewhere in the city. Our double tenant spaces? 800 sq. ft. That’s a big jump and a welcome change for local renters.

And what does it mean? Tenants have so much more freedom to live as they choose to in one of our properties. It provides ample space not only to mix up furniture and décor pieces, but also for entertaining friends. As a result, residents will stay for longer, giving investors a stable, healthy yield. And beyond the extra space, Enigma delivers an aspirational lifestyle to those who seek to be on the cusp of a city in its prime.

On the bank of the River Irwell – part of the broader Uptown site – we’ve built a community that reflects some of the most pertinent tastes in the rental sector…

An aspiring community of its own

What do people look for in city centre living? Ideally, it’s a mix of elements. Seclusion and inclusion. Tranquility and energy. Being able to indulge one interest then pursue another, all within the proximity of home.

This is what Enigma, our 52-strong apartment complex, is set to deliver for residents in Manchester. If there’s a code for what people want, this development may have cracked it.

Walking through the Enigma gates, the first thing you notice is just how intimate it is. The noise of the Green Quarter, Deansgate and the high street falls away to reveal our residents’ own retreat, right next to the Irwell’s placid waters. Trees line the boulevard. Beside them stands a premium housing development, containing a burgeoning number of families and professionals.

The feel is incredibly neighbourly, like a suburb. Except it’s right here – three minutes from Victoria station, and right near some of Manchester’s finest bars, venues and restaurants.

Light, nature and contemporary convenience

A roof garden sits on Enigma (the middle tower of our Uptown development) in which residents can sit, meet each other, and take in the view. It is rare to find such a simple, relaxing communal feature that anyone can take part in.

There’s a gym too. Weights, cardio and training accessories make up some of the 2,500 sqft ground floor area for all residents’ use. A 24-hour concierge is on hand to assist, day or night.

Floor-to-ceiling windows drench the interior with natural light. That same careful attention to detail is also reflected in Enigma’s architecture; spacious, neutral-toned apartments are built with viewing terraces and modern appliances installed throughout.

Summing up the Enigma appeal

Remember – our much sought-after apartments are roughly 20% larger than other opportunities in the city. Likewise, we offer 15% on exchange costs for investors, instead of the usual 30%. We want to make this location a fair prospect for those who see its current (and ongoing) potential.

But act fast: prices on the River Irwell will shoot up soon once the regeneration comes to pass. Enigma won’t be a closely held secret for long…

As a reminder, here’s what residents can expect:

  • 52 high-end apartments, bathed in natural light
  • Generous floor plans for each space, well above city averages
  • 3 minute walk along the river to the city
  • A rooftop garden and personal terrace areas
  • Secure, gated living next to a collection of town houses
  • On-site concierge and gym

But that’s just a snapshot of the full opportunity… To find out more, contact us today.

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