Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been an integral part of many large corporations where giving back to the community through social, economic or environmental initiatives plays a crucial role in reinstating a company’s responsibility towards the community.

With the steady increase of unfortunate happenings across the globe, it is always refreshing to see an organization reiterate its commitment towards making the world a better place. The general consensus seems to be that current businesses need to step up their corporate social responsibility efforts in an attempt to make a difference to the current state of affairs around the globe.

Property Alliance Group, a market-leading real estate developer has done just that by pledging to contribute and make a difference. Giving back certainly seemed to be the flavor of the month as the group undertook several steps dedicated to the cause.

In the first initiative, the group took part in Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life event. The Race for Life is an all women charity race aimed at raising money for research into all types of cancer. On 24th June, the women at Alliance Investments were seen taking part in the Pretty Muddy category of the event, a muddy obstacle course where women can climb over, crawl under, and charge through hurdles, all for a good cause. They managed to raise a substantial £5,075 that goes towards finding a cure for the disease.

Statistics suggest that cancer affected 357,000 individuals in 2014 in the UK, with incidence rates for all cancers combined projected a rise of 2% by 2035, that’s 742 cases per 100,000 people. Cancer Research UK hopes that the Race for Life will raise £50 million in order to continue the fight against all 200 types of cancer, plaguing men, women and children.

In addition, the group echoed the sentiment of benefit for the society by working alongside Environmental charity City of Trees,to sponsor 15 schools in Rochdale involving more than 600 pupils in an attempt to educate them about the benefits of a greener community. The Rochdale programme resulted in 420 trees being planted in six of the schools.

Property Alliance Group has been a key partner of the charity since its launch in 2015. The charity aims to transform Greater Manchester by planting 3 million trees in the region and bring woodlands back into use for the community.

David Russell, CEO of the group has always been passionate about giving back and creating a legacy that remains for years to come. He was quoted as saying “Having grown up in Kirkholt, I’m really proud to be giving something back to the community I grew up in. As an organization, we aim to contribute to initiatives that support the community as a whole, whether it’s backing cancer research or encouraging children through learning, play and experiences. City of Trees is a great example of this and a very important initiative for Greater Manchester as it will create a visible and healthy legacy for our children and future generations.”

“Greater Manchester must be greener. We should all take pride in the place we live and work to improve the quality of the environment for all. You can plant a tree and 150 years from now someone will walk past and say – who planted that? – That’s your legacy. As a developer I believe that we will reap the rewards of this at least ten times over.” he added.

The Manchester based Property Alliance Group features an extensive portfolio centered around Manchester and the North West but also has a presence in many other towns and cities throughout the United Kingdom.

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