Manchester’s thriving economy has created a need for more residential and commercial developments, giving rise to a significant number of property projects that are in the process of being completed, whereas several others have already been sanctioned.

While it comes as no surprise that the city is soon becoming the prime choice for investors, with the majority being encouraged by the outstanding employment opportunities and convenient travel links Manchester poses. Most of these investors seem to be more inclined towards the luxury segment of the city’s diverse property sector.

The shift in investor behavior can be attributed to several factors. For starters, the growth in average rental yields in Manchester has peaked at 8.84% in the past year, leading to substantial interest from investors looking at long term returns. Another factor resulting in more luxurious properties being preferred could be the fact that buyers today have more disposable income than their counterparts a few decades ago. Add to these factors the Sterling’s 20% devaluation since the EU referendum, and the prospect of owning a lavish home in Manchester has all made it even more appealing.

With the increased emphasis on luxury properties in Manchester, property developers are looking to capitalize on the gold rush and cater to the needs of the buyers. A large number of premium projects are cropping up all across the city, with the promise of an unparalleled living experience.

One of the most anticipated projects comes from Alliance, Manchester’s market leading developer for the last 27 years, called ‘Oxygen’.

‘Oxygen’ is located within a highly accessible location in the heart of Piccadilly Manchester and will serve as a beacon of Manchester’s skyline. The development comprises of a spacious range of 343 stylish one and two bedroom apartments, twelve townhouses, five star leisure facilities and spectacular sky gardens. An oxygenated swimming pool, cinema room and a first of its kind valet car parking service all make ‘Oxygen’ the epitome of luxury.

‘Oxygen’ also promises a fully equipped gym, steam rooms, sky gardens offering a 365 degree view of Manchester’s growing skyline, state of the art cinema room, underground parking and a 24 hour service concierge.

Ronald Garrett, Director of Sales at Alliance Investments acknowledged the growing demand for luxury properties stating “There has been a shift in buyer behavior in recent times, with the majority of buyers preferring premium or high end property developments. This can be attributed to various factors including the fact that high net worth individuals with disposable income are attracted to Manchester’s booming economy.”

“Oxygen is a project we are very excited about and equally proud of. It redefines luxury for those who appreciate the finer things. Every detail is taken care of to ensure maximum comfort and quality of life.” He added.

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