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Vivienne Westwood Manchester

We are a company with a rich history of developing Manchester. For 28 years, we have built luxury residential and commercial properties in this city we call home. We believe that Manchester is the ideal city for those who wish to own UK property. However, don’t take our word for it. Here are eight reasons to invest in Manchester, the UK’s largest city outside of London.

Reasons to invest in Manchester Harvey Nichols

Reasons to Invest in Manchester

  • According to JLL, property prices grew by over 10% in 2017.
  • JLL anticipates a 28.2% uplift in property value (2017 to 2021). Projected demand far exceeds supply pipelines.
  • Manchester’s economy is currently booming with an influx of local and foreign investment.
  • Huge swathes of businesses have opened or relocated to the city. 80 of the FTSE 100 companies now have offices here. They are bringing an influx of workers from London and other cities who are looking to rent or buy property in Manchester
  • With three world class universities and the Northern Powerhouse initiative, Manchester is stealing the limelight. It is making its way to the top by attracting and retaining world class talent to work, live and play in a vibrant and colourful metropolis.
  • The city boasts the highest graduate retention rates of 58%. This is providing a constant source of young, motivated and innovative workers who now call Manchester home.
  • Manchester is aspiring to become the world’s greenest city. It therefore has an abundance of green space that makes the city modern, vibrant and resilient with its eye on the future.
  • Easy walking and bicycle trails across the city and minutes away from the city centre reveal its rich character and close relationship between the landscape and the community. Despite living in a large city, you can still remain close to nature.

To learn more about purchasing real estate in Manchester, please contact any one of our Hong Kong team via email or by phoning +852 3922 0661

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